Cross-country skiing holidays in Sölden

Cross-country skiing  - Guaranteed snow and exhilaration

As well as its brilliant downhill slopes, Sölden has some wonderful cross-country trails. The trails are very varied, making them suitable for all levels from beginner to expert. Cross-country skiing in Sölden is a great way to experience the stunning beauty of the Tyrolean mountains and leave all your cares behind. The trails are carefully maintained to ensure that they are always in top condition.

Cross-country skiers can glide smoothly down the slopes in glorious sunshine - as well as tackling the odd steep climb, of course! The magnificent surroundings and woodlands deep in snow will take your breath away! The trails are suitable for both classic and free-style cross-country skiing. They are also wide enough to allow you to adopt a V-shape on those tough ascents. There are three main cross-country trails in Sölden, although each is divided into sections with different levels of difficulty.

Untersölden cross-country trail

This classic trail starts behind Hotel Sölderhof. It takes you above the tiny hamlets of Rechenau and Schmiedhof, through the meadows to Kaisers and back again. This intermediate run includes some smaller descents and ascents.

Length: 5 km, classic
Difficulty: intermediate

Hofer Böden

This easy trail starts just south of the Central Spa Hotel -> It runs through the flat 'Hofer Böden' meadows -> You cross the river Ache in the Ötz valley on a cross-country skiing bridge and continue over the Windau meadows before returning to the starting point over the bridge.

Length: 3 km, skate/freestyle, classic
Difficulty: easy


The trail starts south of Gasthof Brückenwirt -> The section through the meadows as far as the sports ground in Zwieselstein is suitable for classic or skate/freestyle techniques. The trail runs slightly above the Venter Ache stream to Bodenegg -> Cross the bridge to the other side of the valley and return to Zwieselstein through the woods. During longer periods of cold, fine weather the landscape is often covered in beautiful hoarfrost.

Length: 7 km, skate/freestyle, classic
Difficulty: intermediate

For those who are new to the sport, a cross-country skiing holiday in Sölden is the ideal way to get started thanks to its 500 metre-long practice trail. You can concentrate on learning the techniques without any particularly fast or steep sections. You can also book cross-country skiing lessons at any of the local ski schools and learn the best tips and tricks for keeping your balance from experienced instructors.

Cross-country skiers will be delighted by the surrounding areas of the Ötz valley, too. From Sölden, you can also explore the other cross-country areas in the Ötz valley. There are daily shuttle buses from Sölden (free for visitors with a guest card and equipment) to the Längenfeld cross-country centre. The journey to Niederthai takes just 30 minutes, and from here you can enjoy a further 39 km of cross-country trails. During your cross-country skiing holiday in the Ötz valley, it's well worth exploring the wide range of trails available. You'll be amazed by the region's natural beauty.